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Like its metal counterpart, The Carriere Motion 3D Class II Clear Appliance is based on the philosophy of achieving a stable Class I platform in the posterior segment at the onset of treatment in order to simplify treatment and reduce patient time in braces or aligners.  This new treatment paradigm eliminates issues inherent in traditional Class II correction. The patient-friendly appliance is used at the beginning of treatment, prior to braces or aligners and delivers rapid Anterior-Posterior correction to help reduce overall treatment times by several months.

Class II Correction with Clear Aligner Systems:

The Motion Appliance may be used with patients who want to be treated with clear aligners but display a Class II malocclusion.  This allows practitioners to treat more patients requesting clear aligners without limitations.  Now complex Class II malocclusion patients can be "jump started" with the Motion and finished with a clear aligner.

Not all elastics are created equal.   In order to achieve the correct forces for successful Motion treatment, using the Motion Elastics is vital.  Motion Force 1 (#424-9F1) and Force 2 (#424-9F2).   Please contact our office if you require a 'Quick Start Guide' which includes the Elastic Protocol.

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Kit includes: 1 set (Right & Left) of each size -  23mm; 25mm; 27mm.  These three sizes will treat most cases.