Product code: [101-869W]

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Now made with a whiter coating....The Micro-Coated Thermal Nitanium Archwire's entire width is in metal and only the labial side of the wire is coated in bright white to enhance aesthetics.

Additional benefits of using the Micro-Coated Bio-Kinetix Thermally Activated Nitanium Archwire:

  • Excellent shape integrity and memory for a heat-activated archwire.

  • Optimum and consistent performance.

  • Easy ligation at room temperature.

  • Outstanding resiliency.

  • Offers slightly lower forces than the Bio-KinetixPlus Thermally Activated Nitanium Archwire.

  • Ideal in helping with significant crowding cases.

  • Very responsive to chilling which allows patient to subdue discomfort with cold, temperature items.

  • Low force provides greater patient comfort and helps control torque early in treatment.

  • ProForm Arch Shape.

Pack of 10.