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    NiTi Separating/De-Impacting springs were designed to effectively separate or de-impact posterior teeth with minimal patient discomfort.  Offset leg design, coupled with rectangular nickel titanium wire provides the most efficient method of separating and de-impacting, while looped over safety ends ensure peace of mind.

    • De-Impact Molar

    • Separate Posterior Teeth 

    • Looped Safety Ends

    • Canted Construction Facilitates De-Impacting and Separating

    • Rectangular Nickel Titanium Wire

    Placement of Springs:

    • Grasp either leg of spring with a locking Mathieu or Serrated Plier

    • Hook open end of spring over lingual contact of teeth to be separated or de-impacted

    • Pull over and release on buccal contact

    • If needed, gently push spring gingival

    Technique Tip for Use of:  De-Impacting Spring with Uprighting Tube:

    • Place a De-Impacting Spring mesial to the tooth being uprighted.

    • Insert a full or segmented arch extending into the uprighting buccal tube.

    • For an extra "boost", place a segment of Stop Wound Open Coil Distalizing Spring (#A226-154) on the archwire mesial to tooth being uprighted.

    • If necessary, place a Crimpable Stop distal to the First Molar Tube.

    Pack of 10.