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    The Motion 3D Class II Appliance turns Class II cases into simple Class I patients by treating the Sagittal dimension at the beginning of treatment, in order to simplify the case and reduce patient time in braces or aligners.  This patient-friendly appliance is used at the beginning of treatment and delivers rapid Anterior-Posterior correction to help reduce overall treatment times by several months.  The ball and socket joint provides maximum freedom of movement but also has  built-in stops that allow the molars to move directly to their position while preventing any unwanted over rotation or tipping. This new treatment paradigm eliminates competing force vectors and patient compliance issues inherent in traditional Class II correction.

    Not all elastics are created equal.   In order to achieve the correct forces for successful Motion treatment, using the Motion Elastics is vital.  Motion Force 1 (#424-9F1) and Force 2 (#424-9F2).   Please contact our office if you require a 'Quick Start Guide' which includes the Elastic Protocol.

    Set of 2 Arms - Left & Right