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    Developed in consultation with Dr Ravi Nanda. Through its advanced special memory alloy material and improved loop shape, the Mushroom Loop increases the efficiency of space closure, anterior intrusion, retraction and elastic engagement. In addition, the rounded gingival portion of the loop, unlike traditional T-Loop and similar archwires, is more anatomically shaped resulting in a more tissue friendly appliance and therefore significantly more comfortable for patients. Use sizes 24mm-40mm for loop activation between lateral and cuspid. Use sizes 52mm and 56mm for loop activation between cuspid and bicuspid.

     Product Features:

    • Nickel-Free Beta Titanium.

    • Larger activation range.

    • Gradual force decay.

    • Lower force.

    Treatment Benefits:

    • Space closure.

    • Provides anterior intrusion/retraction.

    • Allows torque or root movement of incisors.

    • Control of root position of posterior teeth.

    • Preformed loops and consistent force reduce chair time.

    • Archwire segments can be activated independently.

    Pack of 5.