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Product Description

Kit includes: 4 Transverse Appliances. One each of the following sizes – 26mm; 28mm; 30mm; 32mm and Transverse Arch Planner.

The enhanced Transforce2 Arch Developer Appliances offer the following advantages:
Ease of Insertion: placement blades are designed to insert easily into molar bands with standard .036 x .072 lingual sheaths
Aesthetic Appearance: lingual placement for a virtually invisible appearance
Size Identification: colour-coded for easy identification
Optimum Patient Comfort: Nitanium Coil Springs enclosed in expansion modules provide slow continual force
No Laboratory Work Required: Select and order appliance by desired finish size
Less Inventory: Universal sizes for upper and lower arches – no need to carry separate inventory
Zero Patient Compliance: Appliance allows for up to 2mm expansion every 6-8 weeks with minimum maintenance

The Transverse Appliance has an expansion module to increase the inter-canine width (expands at the cuspids) and may be used in the upper or lower arch when expansion is required to accommodate crowding in the labial segments, or to correct arch width in constricted arches.

Virtually Invisible Assistance for Arch Development
Designed for ease of use, the Transforce 2 Arch Developer Appliances are pre-programmed to allow appliances to be placed without laboratory work. Both the Transverse and Sagittal Appliances may be placed using first molar bands with standard .036 x .072 lingual sheaths. Each Transforce 2 Arch Developer Appliance may be easily adjusted per patient. In addition, each expander module contains Nitanium Coil Springs generating approximately 200 grams of gentle biocompatible force. The Transverse and Sagittal Appliances are available in multiple sizes, individually or a starter assortment kit. Best of all, the developers are universal, which allows for less inventory as they can be used for either upper or lower arch development.

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