Wire Bonder Small (10 tips+ Handle)

Forms a precise spherical resin mound over an archwire.  Ideal for direct retainers or rotational corrections.

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Product Description

Ideal for making direct bond retainers. Forms a small precise mound of light-cure resin bonding the wire to the tooth. No rough edges. Can be used on the labial or the lingual surfaces. Alignment tabs make it easy to position the mold correctly on the teeth. Large and small molds provide the appropriate measure of cement for lingual and labial bonding.

Instructions for Use:
Once you have selected a mold insert it into the handle with a gentle twisting motion.
Prepare teeth as you would for bonding.
Fill the mold with a light-cure paste.
Once the mold is filled gently rub or tap on a mixing pad to remove flash.
Set in desired position and cure with your curing light.
Remove mold by gently rolling away from tooth.

Pack of 1 – 10 tips & 1 handle.