Price is an Introductory Offer on Sets for a limited time only.

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Product Description

Only available in Metal Sets; Standard Torque at this time.   Individual brackets not available yet.  

Price is an Introductory Offer for a limited time only.  


Don’t Bend Wire Like A Pro – With proven and precise torque values, in/out thickness and slot depths, the SLX 3D Bracket is designed to ensure less wire bending so you can spend more time doing anything but wire bending.
One Size Doesn’t Fit All – The SLX 3D Bracket System has narrow brackets for narrow teeth and wide brackets for wide teeth – because size matters when it comes to rapidly securing rotational control and ideal tooth positioning.
Got You In Our Sights – Our Proprietary cross-hair colour coding provides a new level of visual cues for fast, precise bracket positioning.
Guard Rails Aren’t Just For Highway – Our exclusive Adhesive Guard Rail Technology (AGR) directs excess adhesive to the sides for fast, easy clean up.
Easy On, Easy Off – Our compound contour bases are designed to “fit like a glove” while the beveled base edges aid in quick and clean removal.
Cover It Up – The Carriere SLX 3D gate gives full Mesial/Distal slot coverage for unmatched rotational control to help ensure that you finish faster.
Do The Twist – The Carreire SLX 3D Gate is opened with a feather touch and slight twist of the instrument to propel to the open locked position. (Do not pull the gate down) Gate Opening Instruments   #201-508 or #201-509.
Get Hooked – Integrated hooks are designed for comfort and security of auxiliaries.
Fell This – The smoothest brackets we’ve ever made.  Oh so incredibly smooth, oh so comfortable.

Torque Values:  Hooks on 3’s; 4’s; 5’s.

Upper Central   +12 Torque
Upper Laterals  + 8 Torque
Upper Cuspids  0 (Zero) Torque  –  with Hooks
Upper Bicuspids  -7 Torque  –  with Hooks
Lower Anteriors   -1 Torque
Lower Cuspids    0 (Zero) Torque – with Hooks
Lower 1st Bicuspid  -12 Torque  –  with Hooks
Lower 2nd Bicuspid  -17 Torque  –  with Hooks

Gate Opening Instrument:

Our proprietary new EZ Twist instrument feature brings a new level of staff joy and patient comfort to your practice.  For fast, comfortable wire changes, JUST DO THE TWIST.   #201-508 Carriere SLX 3D EZ Twist Open Tweezer;  #201-509 Carriere SLX 3D EZ Twist Opener Reverse Tweezer.