Carriere Motion Class III


The Motion Class III Appliance is a minimally invasive appliance intended to treat Class III malocclusions without extractions, painful orthognathic surgery, or traditionally uncomfortable and obtrusive facemasks.  The Motion Class III Appliance is as easy to place as a bracket or buccal tube and is designed to provide predicatable results and create a harmonious, balanced profile, all while preserving the patient’s natural features.

The patient-friendly appliance is used at the beginning of treatment, prior to braces or aligners and delivers rapid Anterior-Posterior correction to help reduce overall treatment times by several months.  Intra-oral elastics connect the appliance with maxillary anchorage to activate the mandibular posterior segment and to move it bodily as a block for an ideal Class I malocclusion.  Once the ideal platform is achieved, brackets or aligners are then placed to finish the case.

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