Archwires & Straight Lengths
Pro Form (PF) Arch Form – Specially designed for use with Straight Wire Technique. ProForm is available in all Ortho Organizers archwires.

D-LX Arch Form – Compare to Ormco’s Damon Arch* for a Full Self-Ligating System. Offer your patients a beautiful, broader smile with D-LX Archwires. Based on the belief that a smile is optimized by an arch form that displays well-positioned anterior teeth, the first and second bicuspids, and the mesiobuccal surface of the first molars, this broader form archwire helps prevent dark corners in the posterior of the mouth thus presenting a wide smile. In addition, D-LX Archwires combined with low-friction brackets like Ortho Organizers Carriere LX Self Ligating Brackets offer more non-extraction treatment options.

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